Montag, 16. Februar 2009



client academy of visual arts
info now here's some rough teaser poster i made for a fictional movie called STREET TRASH. it was made for some exam. i don't finished it and of course of my bad ps skills i just presented it that version, but they loved it. i know that there's already a film called STREET TRASH, but it was the best choice of a dozen others or so. the movie is about some sprayer who fights a corrupt crime in a dark near-future metropolis somewhat (fahrenheit anywhere,eh?) where people are forced to think the same, dressed up all grey and no one raised the fist against the accursed rulers. only he does. tryin' to get the people think about their lifes. taggin' his words of free speech allover the place. as people start to notice there must be something gone errible wrong - the regime defeats them. so our man thinks there is no blodless resistance, no use for words anymore, fire against fire. and in the name of freedom he starts a bloddy war against the goverment. months later, the war is over. overlooking the burning ruins that once were his city. that time he recognize he did the same to them what they did to him. he is free, cause' this is no place to live anymore..